Fan of action games? I know I am for sure, these types of games are so entertaining and fun, I could play all day long and not get bored at all. So, today I want to present you another jewel from my collection of competitive games – Narwhaleio. This is a pretty awesome online game that allows you to play with other people online, we will dive into details below.

In this game, you play as a narwhale, you swim across the sea and your job is to destroy other players that appear around you. Everyone in this game is pretty much your enemy, stay focused and sharp. From time to time you get various bonuses in the game, my favorite one is bonus speed for example. These powerups add extra action and thrill to the game and make it more entertaining.

In order to destroy your opponents, you will need to boost the speed of your narwhale with a help of a mouse click and attack them instantly. Try to direct your horn correctly and don’t miss the shot, speed recovery is not instant and takes some time.

Try to avoid opening your weak spots, that is usually the left and right side of your character. Most of the time other players aim there, this way they avoid your horn and target you where you are most vulnerable.
Do your best to either avoid attacks from your opponents or at least face them with your horn, otherwise it is an instant loss.
Duels appear quite often in the game, sure there are group battles as well, but from what I have witnessed most of the time you will deal with duel scenarios. Don’t lose your focus and make sure that you read every move of your opponent.

At the top right corner of the game window, you will see a graph with the list of players and how many kills they have, this is kind of hall of fame. Try to defeat as many opponents as it is possible and don’t get killed yourself in the process, then you will find your name among the champions.

Getting on the list of leaders is not easy at all and it is a pretty difficult challenge, this can motivate you to improve your gaming skills for sure.

Mobile gaming
Do you prefer to play games from your phone rather than from the PC? no problem, in fact, we will gladly present you links to the official apps so you can download this game on your device and play it for free. Check our download links below, invite your friends and play it together.

Video guide
I find it really helpful to watch various videos on YouTube and learn more about game basics from there. This is why I want to show you the following video that I find extremely useful and helpful, especially if you are a beginner. You will learn how to move, how to aim, and defeat your opponents at the same time.

Narwhale io is really outstanding competitive online game that offers a lot of fun and action, game features thrilling gameplay and opportunity for hundreds of people to play at the same time and challenge their skills. Prove that you are not weak, appear on the list of top players and dominate all the seas in this awesome online game.

Good luck and have fun guys playing Basketballstars &!